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HYFL is a registered 501c organization.
Heads Up Coaching Certification
Posted May 21, 2014

 HYFL will be a USA Football Heads Up League. Heads up is a NFL Youth Football program for coaches and parents that will help them be more aware of things such as concussions and dehydration. Every HYFL Coach (head and assistants) will be required to be Heads Up certified. The safety of our youth is our biggest concern and we are taking all the nessary steps to ensure their safety.

2018 Registration
2018 Online registration will be available at now though July 13,2018

Standard Registration Location and Dates:
June 2nd from 10am - 2pm
at Kate Barr Ross , field 10 and continue weekly until July 7th

Registration fees: Football players $160 ( 2nd child $145 ) Cheerleaders $160
($15 late fee will be applied to 2018 registration fees @ camp on / after July 7th)

Football Camp will be held on July 13th from 6pm-8pm and July 14th from 10am-12pm Kate Barr Ross

HYFL Cheer Camp will be held on July 23rd -27th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm @ Kate Barr Ross field #10.

Tedrick Winfrey: 936-668-2206

Vice President
Donnie Tubbs: 936-581-4799
board meetings
Location to fields within the Lone Star Alliance
  • 2425 N Park St 77833 (BrenF1)

  • Brenham F2 (BrenF2)

  • 2310 Atascocita Rd 77396 (HumbF1)

  • 448 S.H. North 75 77320 (HuntsF1)

  • Huntsville F2 (HuntsF2)

  • 1703 North Park Dr 77339 (KingF1)

  • 31660 Sugar Bend 77355 (MagnF2)

  • Magnolia F3 (MagnF3)

  • 16716 Fm 149 77356 (MontF1)

  • Montgomery F2 (MontF2)

  • 1122 1/2 Pruitt Rd 77380 (SouthCF1)

  • 13551 a Rogers Rd 77378 (WillCTSP)

Lone Star Youth Football Alliance
Huntsville Youth Football League is a member of the "Lone Star Youth Football Alliance". USA Football has recognized the "Lone Star Football Alliance" as one of the top 500 youth football programs in the United States. USA football is supported by the NFL ( National Football League ) and NCAA ( National Collegiate Athletic Association ) .